Our Team

Sourindra Chaudhuri, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sourindra Chaudhuri graduated from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana in the year 2009 with Summa Cum Laude (Highest Honor) in Electrical Engineering and further completed MS, PhD from Princeton University, NJ, USA in 2015. After that, he spent some time in academia as he joined Indian Institute of Technology - Gandhinagar as Assistant Research Professor. But owing to strong inclination towards applied research he founded PRACSOL. PRACSOL envisages to become a leader in providing technology solution to problems directly connected to everyday life. Currently, the company is developing an AI driven Ed-Tech platform  "EdCLAP" for customized learning focused on career development and placements.

Devashish Bhattacharjee

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Devashish is a Tech Manager, Data Scientist, and a Big-Data/Analytics Solution Architect. Devashish is an Entrepreneur, a Product Manager / Product Owner, a Visionary Leader, an Advisor/Mentor/Coach, and a Researcher at the core. Devashish is interested in Tech Leadership Roles in High-end Tech Projects, in the areas of Fintech, Data Science, Blockchain, Big-Data, Analytics, BI, AI, and Machine-Learning. Devashish holds a B.Tech and M.Tech degree from Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi and Executive Education Certificate on Business Analytics from Indian Institute of Management - Bangalore.

Arindam Ray, PhD

Vice President (R&D)

He is very much focused on outcome-based teaching-learning pedagogy and very keen to provide technology enabled flexible quality education. I have expertise to establish a complete E-Learning (Outcome Based Learning) solution for students and mentors (Design to Implementation). Establishment of appropriate environment in terms of Mentoring, Outcome Based Learning Pedagogy, Technology Enabled Learning, and Student Motivation is his area of expertise and handling of internal & external issues with an appropriate solution. His experiences like Motivation, Team Building, and Training conduction will move forward the organization faster in the right direction. Quality teaching, learning, project-based learning and timeliness are his focused activity. His research area is the implementation of Emotion in E-Learning platform and application of virtual reality in the Education System.

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